Can You Make Money Online Successfully?

We have all been shown how easy it is to make money online, push button simple, passive money doller doller bills yall. The pitch is perfect but who is pitching you? marketers of course der so no wonder the targeting works so well. When I was starting to drift towards working online I saw a action packed trailer about the Rich Jerk a guy that had money, women and online success and he was going to give it all to me for $999 and the icing on the cake was in the video it had Gary Busey who I actually thought was Nick Nolte, Dennis Rodman and adult film star Ron Jeremy. If this guy was rolling with the likes of these superstars then he MUST be making money. Thats the catch I didnt know what influencer marketing was at the time and I bought into that dream shown in the trailer.

For old times sake here is the video that sucked me in (for your reference).

You Can Make Money Online But Not Everyone Will

I was watching Graham Stephan, a video where he was discussing how he basically lives rent free in one of his duplexes and spends no money (yet takes in over a mil a year). I think its hilarious and genius at the same time. Frankly after almost 10 years of owning pretty much every kind of super car, getting a giant dream home, flying private…

I can clearly tell you its all fucking stupid and for suckers and anyone flaunting any of these things is just that…a sucker (even myself).

It won’t make you any happier first off. It also loses you money through 1000 pricks and the first rule of making/keeping money is don’t lose money. But this isn’t the real point, especially if you can afford it.

The real point is that true power and control comes from having nothing to lose and nothing to gain financially.

Let me explain.

The guy whose worth 100 million with a 25 million dollar penthouse, jet, 100k a month in hard cost… He is weak and afraid.

First off who is he buying all this stuff for? My house is 1,500 square feet and I use mainly the living areas, main bedroom, the studio and the shed. I stopped going to a gym and moved a home style gym into my home to avoid people especially those noisey d bags at the gym who need to scream for every 10 kilo dumbbell rep (why dude why).

I cannot even imagine having a bigger house and more shit at this point. Stresses me out. So when I see people on Instagram with giant mansions, 10 cars…oww it hurts my head.

You see the 100 million dollar man doing this LITERALLY cannot even use all the things he owns and has to LITERALLY invest absurd amounts of time and dollars into maintaining these things.

My house LITERALLY needs a manager (or my time) and a staff to keep maintained. Out of control.

He lack the ability to focus and he’s also just net losing money. For who? Who the eff is this lifestyle and house for? All those people (losers and leeches) that follow him around and tell him how great he is?

But the TRUE loss here is he has something to LOSE and something GAIN.

See on what end he has to protect all the shit he has and his shit is expensive to protect. He also has to protect his ego which is VERY expensive to protect. God forbid his country club friends see him fly coach or drive a beat up car.

This guy has to maintain an image of success. No matter what his situation and how hes feeling he needs to kiss babies on teh head, shake hands with people who he doesnt even know their names and behave in a professional manner at all times. He probs needs to wear a suit on sundays as well. If you want that lifestyle you my friend are walking into a slave job you dont have freedom, you cant just wear a singlet and boardshorts because its hot as hell out there you need to keep up the image. The moment you drop the image of success that you trained people to know you for you start haemorrhaging cash. The shift in your appearance is linked to how you have portrayed yourself to your audience, if you look like a bogan for a day your market share as a business wiz goes down. 

To keep getting paid you will have to keep up the appearance of success. I couldnt live like this heck no I want freedom and autonomy to do what I want when I want. I feel bad for people who are trapped in that charade of success.

The benefits of appearing like a total success is that the people who want to climb the ladder will be extra nice to you, people who think you have actual social reach and influence will GIVE you things, discounted or for free even on loan. The sheep want the wolf in their corner so you see how leveraging an image of success can help people “appear” as an influencer about something. Really interesting social behaviour analysis if you care for that type of thing. 

The more of this fake wealth acquired “stuff” you are gifted you need to perform a engagement to validate the reason you were given the goods. More things is more engagement and more engagement in this day and age means more Advertising and promotion and that costs actual money. This all leads to a downward spiral especially for those who dont know business economics well enough to forecast whats the limit of the bubble that they are in.

He is totally restricted from working at his true power. He cannot take hits, he cannot make long term decisions, he cannot stop doing certain things or start doing certain things if they are not in a financial criteria. And its all for not. Because the material shit cannot even be utilised. Anything more than 1,500 SQ per human is ridiculous. We should stop living in excess and start living within our means.

Now on the flip side, picture someone like graham.

A man worth 100 million living in a free duplex.

This guy is a fucking powerhouse.

Why? Well first off total focus and a completely unpolluted optimized mind which is really the key to wealth. None of the persons time or money is also lost to maintaining said shit.

But also the man has no need for money. It is a 100% tool and thats it.

When you have no need for money you have leverage over everyone else who does because everyone else thinks money is VERY VERY important AND you have the mind power to use it.

You also have MASSIVE leverage over the ego driven entrepreneurs. They have a kryptonite that you can twist like a knife over and over and over to get them to do what you want and take bad positions.

If they take a 10 million dollar risk and lose, devastating. If you take a 10 million dollar loss…who cares, reload and take another shot. You have no need for money personally and its MADE for taking risks.

And because you can take risks or constantly dump money into long term positions you will blow away the ego based entrepreneurs whose minds are clouded and constantly trying to play the game with a massive weak spot.

You are a man playing chicken with the world EXCEPT you always win because the rest of the world has something to lose. You can play chicken into a head on collision and still be fine.

And thats where the power comes from because you ALWAYS have the leverage.

You can afford to say fuck you to anything. You can afford to burn bridges or tank things you don’t think are the best long term play. You can afford to pursue things that wont make money for decades but will make billions after.

You can stop what your doing and go after skillsets that don’t automatically pay off.

Its like you are in a boxing match and can throw haymaker after haymaker without fear because your opponent can’t hit you back.


This is why you see so many internet marketers with houses, lambos, jets….Yet nothing to REALLY show for it business wise.

Then you see Bill Gates, Jobs, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Jack Maw, Zuckerberg, the Google guys, the AirBnB guys, Branson …. own everything (including the very platforms the internet marketers are showing off on…and their traffic sources, and their literal lively hood)

Men who literally just didn’t give a shit about money or appearance.

They have leverage over everyone and basically control the world.

Because owning things, being “rich” and keeping up with the Kardashians is the suckers game and the men above are the ones who own the game.

The result is the entire rest of the world is their pawn. They are playing a totally different game.


I’ve always kept my expenses to 10% of my income but I find even this silly now. I’m now in the process of getting rid of my house, car, etc and getting my expense to as close to zero as possible.

I think the millionaire that spends $1000 a month is way cooler than the millionaire with the private jet, bottles, hoes and glam and needs to maintain the images of this repeatedly week in and week out. I think the only person who does this well is Dan Blizerian he makes it look effortless and I dont care what he sells I wouldnt buy it I just like to spectate at his show if that makes sense.

The latter is EASY, in fact the entire financial system is designed to make this easy and to absorb the latters money.

The prior has total focus and will build what the world needs regardless of $$ and in return will gain leverage over the world.

The latter is pathetic and weak and just a cash generating pawn for someone like the prior whose convinced him to dance in return for gold coins and gems.

Its literally like Tom Sawyer and the white fence. It’s hilarious.

Anytime I see some “bawling rich guy” that’s all I see now. A court jester dancing like a chimpanzee for precious gems and gold coins. Where do you think he’s getting all those gems and goin coins from? A guy that’s convinced him to become a slave for gems and gold coins…that’s who!

Who owns the banks, the insurance companies, the taxes, the electricity. The people not playing the game or dancing for gold coins.

True power comes from NOT playing the game everyone else thinks is important.

When you do that you suddenly will have the thing that everyone else thinks is important YET you know is worthless. It’s like having a mound of dirt you dug out of your backyard that everyone else things is worth billions.

When you have that you have the thing thats truly important, leverage over others…

OTHER people are the only way you can build anything great, do anything great, achieve anything remarkable and impact the world.

So don’t collect gold coins and gems or listen to people proudly declaring how many gold coins and gems they’ve collected. Listen to the guy who owns the banks and all the news stations not saying anything and driving around in a kia. No one even knows he exist, but everyone is already working for him. Be the smartest man in the room without telling everyone that you are the smartest man in the room. If any of you watch Netflix show Jack Ryan I think that guy is the smartest guy in the room everytime he’s in a room, be Jack Ryan.

I think it’s pretty important to know that success comes from hard work,  failure and learning. The first months to year of your make money online journey will be full of learnings, failures and hard work. I failed more times than I succeeded and Im so glad that I did because I learned from every step what worked and what flopped in the mud. The most important skill you can learn in marketing is failure.


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