Overcome Problems with Video Games

When you understand how gamers think you can see that they solve micro problems all day to get to small milestones before completing something bigger like a level. Its this thinking that I believe is a crucial skill marketers need to have to be successful. See below.

If you are having trouble making progress or becoming successful I can almost guarantee that its the way that you or your employees are looking at the problem. I speak to a lot of business owners about business and a lot around roadblocks and things that stop them growing to the next level I find it fascinating. 

The #1 reason why people who have unsuccessful or stuck businesses are not moving forward is the outlook of their people, they dont view the problem like video gamers do. Hear me out, when you play games the objective is to level up and beat each level. You beat each level by:

  1. Moving forward through the level
  2. Grabbing power ups and special weapons
  3. Beating a boss 
  4. Beating puzzles and riddles

This is problem-solving 101. I couldn’t argue that this is a benefit for business owners any more than I already do. 

If you look at most popular games you get to select the path you want to follow as you first setup your profile. Like in business you choose what type of business you build. In the video games you choose a race or class example:

Race = Dwarf

Class = Warrior

This pretty much sets you up for the style of gameplay you will be doing throughout your journey or in reality your business roadmap. You dont sign up to be a dwarf warrior and expect to be shooting bad guys from the tree tops, you are primarily a battle hardened brute who weilds a sharp axe. You belong in close quarter combat.

In business you dont sign up to be a mechanic and then start advertising that you sell tyres while people wait to have their car fixed. You might have a partnership with  tyre provider that you can add on to your service but you dont manage the tyres.

If you set expectations upfront you set goals as well. This keeps you in your lane and problem solving what is relevant to you. 

The way people use video games is to pick the character they want and then do small tasks and side missions to level that character up from 1  up to 99. You build the experience and collect the goods step by step working towards level 99.

From day one you know exactly what you are and what you will be best at providing your customers. Most business loose sight of who they are and try to be everything to everyone and that model is broken.

Figure that niche professional targeting and audience out and growing your business step by step can be a lot of fun without the headaches. Well no, the headaches continue its what owning a business is all about an ever adjusting challenge.

How you can fast track success is by focusing on business, you see these gamers kids will pop up and then dissappear from social circles for weeks at a time while they figure it out. If you apply good work ethic to your focus problem areas you can make up positive impact to change the problem. You just need to cut out distraction and focus.

I see a lot of my competitors that are nearing success with their niche targets at that almost there point and they get distracted by other channels or techniques making the effectiveness of their main money campaigns drop down to a point they are ripe for taking over. You can tell when they are at this point by the number of channels they start runing ads on, its gone from 1 or 2 channels into 5 or 6. To busy reaching for the stars and not the main objective.

If you are making $500 from your Youtube campaigns and $3,000 from Google Ads. my advice to you is to focus on the channel that’s making you more return on investment. Save Youtube campaigns for when you have time and the extra money to figure it out and make it work OR hire someone that knows how to make it work for you.

Going all-in on a channel that you have not figured out yet while not focusing on a channel that you have working is crazy. Ive always played multiple channels off against each other the same way I run ad group tests to see what type of ad gets traction. The focus on the channel you have results on and really scaling that campaign there is the logical choice, I try not go where everyone else is and look at what works for me and my goals for each campaign.

If you play to your weaknesses and do low yield tasks you will always hate your work and fail to get results. This leads to burn out of your mental state and your budgets. Work smarter not harder.


Spend more time figuring out what you are and what gets the most results. Then stack the deck entirely to your strengths and get a party of people to make up for your weaknesses. Then pick the action that yields the most XP points.

Then you win.

It’s so common sense when it’s in a video game, funny how it’s almost never considered in the real world and then people wonder why they lose. Business people are using a small projectile avatar going head on against a tank character wondering why they couldnt defeat the tank player, der you had no chance with that strategy.

Its to the point that I will only hire people who have played video games and understand upskilling, levelling up and problem-solving to progress when stuck. This is a no brainer for me in everyday life at the agency. If one of the team gets stuck and cant move on it could cost a lot of money by delaying tasks that need to be delivered. The natural thing to do when you encounter a problem in games is to look around for another way or look for the right tool/weapon to help you defeat the problem. 

If you take the angle that business can be like passing levels in video games you get a perspective of how to tackle the problems in front of your business. Gamers are the best at what they do they play games break levels and defeat level bosses to get to the next level of the game. Simple when you think of it like this.

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