How You Can Start A Super Successful Blog That Can Build Your Income!

Welcome to your introduction to starting your very own blog. Im going to walk you through the steps I take when I start new blogs. I always start with the why, my why am I starting this blog because its very easy to buy 50 domains and NEVER do anything with them. If I outline my why I am doing this it really helps me get from point A to point B with purpose. This is a bigger guide so you may want to close your Facebook and email inbox tabs and pay attention.

As a summary for skim readers Im showing you:

  • How to do niche research
  • How to do keyword research
  • How to select a blog domain name
  • How to select website hosting for your domain
  • How to instal & configure WordPress
  • How to setup Themes, pages and page builders
  • How to add your social fortress
  • How to start adding affiliate links
  • How to get your blog some traffic.

Ive cut a lot out of this article so you can focus on the impact points as listed above. However Ive got a much more detailed FREE mini course that you can dive into once you have gone through this guide. Im delivering that by email over the course of a week. You can signup for it totally free and Ill send you a video a day for 1 week. This will explain and expand on more of these header sections so that you get a detailed view of how to start your own blog.

Now if you are not the technical type of person who doesnt want to waste time with domains hosting and all the technical mumbo jumbo you can skip this and head straight to Click Funnels a type of all in one sales funnel landing page builder. This is your free 14 day free trial pass that gives you enough access to make a website and all the conversion elements needed to build a list and make your first online 💰💰💰 no fuss straight design >> build >> market >> profit!!


1 You Need a Niche For Your Blog

You can just wing it but as a data first guy I would suggest giving this some thought. Doing some starting research can shape the road ahead for your blog.

You need to know what excites you enough to keep on writing, what excites you enough to make you keep working on this blog in 6 months, in 16 months and so on.

Segment The Market

I would suggest finding a seed topic to build your website about and then looking a little deeper into what sits underneath that seed topic.


Break Down Your Niche

Now you have a seed niche its time to look at the sub topics within your niche this can be very lucrative if you go deep enough. 


How To Research A Niche

This is the important part of section 1 and its also super fun if you geek out on data and competitive research (yep thats me).


  • Domain age?
  • Keywords in domain name?
  • Whats showing up in a Google search?
  • What does Google Trends tell us?
  • What does Answer The Public tell us?

Thats a good baseline to form a starting opinion on our niche.

Now we need to look at some slightly more technical statistics. You will need access to some SEO tools for this next section so Ive listed below two of the best, there are free trials available on both.

SEMRush – all in one marketing toolkit

Ahrefs – A marketers platform


Using either tool you need to review the following.



2 How To Buy Domain Names


3 How To Buy Web Hosting

You need to have website hosting if you want to start a long term blog. Think of web hosting as the place that the domain name sits so people can visit it online. Both the domain name and web hosting need to talk to each other in order for your website to be visible.


Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

4 Setting Up Your Website Blog

First you need to install WordPress and do some basic foundation setting changes.

Will You Need a Theme?

You dont NEED one but they really do help set you apart from others. You can get the free ones provided by WordPress or buy a paid theme from one of these providers.

Option 1

Option 2

These premium themes set your blog apart from the general crowd and it hasnt been publicly acknowledged but Google will understand that you are using a paid theme and therefore place slightly more favour on yoru website over those running free themes using a very generic setup.

Will You Need a Page Builder?

Page builders are a godsend for the time poor, I can develop but it takes me 4 times as long to build pages when Im hand coding the page. So when page builders became popular I took a look and looked at my love of coding pages manually taking 4 hours verse being able to build pages in 10 minutes and the page builders won me over.

Thrive Themes has Thrive Architect a simple to use and comes with a lot of features designed for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

Divi uses Divi Builder

Elementor has Elementor.


What Pages Do You Need To Have?

You should set up the following pages as a minimum

  1. About
  2. Contact
  3. Resources or Tools
  4. Privacy policy
  5. Earnings Disclosure

As a bare mninimum set these 5 pages up. You will need to provide an affiliate and or earnings disclosure if you are promoting any products online. This adds some transparency to your website as well.

How To Setup Lead Capture Forms?

There are hundreds of form builders online but for this blog building tutorial Ill be using Gravity Forms to create the lead capture forms.


How To Connect Your Email Autoresponder?

You will need to collect the emails and assign them to your list so that you can communicate with them at a later point.

5 How To Setup Your Email Autoresponder

There are several choices to use for your email autoresponder and Ill provide 2 options for you here and a little about each one.

Option 1 – Get Response

Option 2 – Mailchimp

Option 3 – SendFox

Now once you have decided on the auto responder to use we will need to connect them to the website so we can assign subscribers to email lists. Email lists allow us to send emails to people on a specific list making the contentthey get sent relevant to what it was they subscribed to. This is a very powerful method of making oney and please dont under estimate email marketing.

You will once you have built up your list to a healthy size around 2k+ be able to send out email campaigns and see people on your list purchase the products or services that you promote in your email.

Powerful het? you now have the power to get paid everytime you send an email out to a list. But with great power comes great responsibility as Spiderman’s uncle once told him. You will now be responsible for not spamming your email loists to death with sales offers, but include types of emails like value adds, tips, funny moments and life updates so they feel connected to you.


6 Building Your Content Marketing Machine

7 How to Build Social Profiles For your New Blog

I think this next step is critical in building a new blog and dont want you to skip this.

The Top Platforms I Build Build Out:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. YouTube
  4. Pinterest
  5. Twitter


Why Do We Need To Build All These Social Profiles?

Each of these platforms has its own power and its own audience types. You can generate a lot of blog traffiuc just from having the social profiles in place, plus we will be syndicating your content once its published so think of this as pushing content even further into the web.


8 Now We Focus On Getting Traffic To Your Blog

This is where you will fall in love with your blog.


Quick Wins With Long Tail Keywords

Continued Content Marketing Process

Getting Backlinks To Promote Your Blog


9 Future Thinking & Final Words


I think if you can follow the above guide, subscribe to me free mini course on blogging and have a realistic expectation of seeing decent results after 6-9 months of CONTINUED progress you will be moving in the right direction. Nothing comes easily so you need to put the work in and it will take a good 6 months for your blog to pick up momentum and if you do everything listed above you will see movement.

Be Active stay the course. This started out as a learning experience for me and I fell in love with building websites, affiliate marketing and ecommerce it really can change your life. I failed as many times as anyone reading this but when I stuck with the process of steady posting, reviewing what worked and what didnt I got a boost and then more focus and another boost and then the traffic rolled in and the process had delivered. You need to put the work in and do it on the regular, set your own schedule and stick to it.

Building your online empire is just one blog away. When you realise what is possible you will be unstoppable. If you enjoyed reading this and found it helpful please share it with anyone that needs help starting out online. To your success!


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