Social media is not the business growth magic pill you may think it is.

There’s a problem that’s dividing the business community recently and it’s called social media gurus or a self proclaimed social influencer. What do I mean?

I mean this. The rise of social media has made it relatively easy for any business to throw together a marketing campaign and snag a few sales. However what often happens it it doesn’t work and people often blame the platform and not the messaging or tha targeting.

You’ve no doubt heard Facebook ads don’t work. Google Ads don’t work and they’re too expensive etc. That simply isn’t true. These work just fine when you apply some common sense to how you market on them.

When it comes to social media however. If you want to move people into your audience you cant just sit on the fence and not have strong opinions on how to address your market. In other words don’t sit on the fence.

Have a strong point of view on something that matters to clients in your industry.
Share your point of view widely. You will annoy some people, but only a very small percentage of people will find it annoying. But they are the ones who wouldn’t make a good client for you, because you dont have aligned views. You will attract the ones that are right for you and more fun to work with.
No matter what don’t be boring. The market for attention is too cluttered, how do you compete with the instant gurus and influencers from yesterday? you can’t. Boring or vanilla marketing is ignored and all you need to do is add a splash of your unique tone and make the social media post truly yours.

The Problem Marketing on Social Media

The real problem is not the media it is the lack of critical thinking that has gone into developing the marketing strategy.

Just because you can put an ad up in under 30 minutes doesn’t mean it will work. You need to have some basics in place first and the key ones are:

– a clear target audience (not everyone)

– a clear understanding of your buyer psychology (what keeps them awake at night that you can help solve)

– a relevant and powerful offer that they feel they would be crazy not to take up

– disciplined follow up (most people don’t buy/take action immediately, sorry that’s just the way people are)

PLUS you cannot view social media as your only strategy to grow your business. I have come across clients lately who only want to do social media ads to grow their business. You can’t grow a business working only one platform it isn’t sustainable and it exposes your business to massive risk if anything changes (it will).

Naturally I said I wouldn’t work with them because they were compromising my ability to get them results.

Don’t make the same mistake. Use social media by all means but with a well thought out strategy and please don’t overlook other opportunities. Very often they can get you better results and faster.

Here’s a quick and easy to use Facebook ads to get real market feedback on your offer.

I call it the 5×5 Facebook offer test. You’ll need $100 ad spend and 5 variations of your offer.

Basically you pick an audience that is broadly relevant. So if you sell eCommerce support you might choose fans of Woocommerce and Shopify as an example.

You then choose one ad image that you think will stand out within the noise Facebook news feed.

You then create 5 ads to the same audience with a budget of $20 on each ad.

Each ad should be structured in the same way. I suggest call out your audience/audiences problem and then summarise your offer.

Each ad will have a different offer. By the time each has used the $20 budget you will have feedback from your audience on 5 different offers for what you do. More than likely one will be a clear winner.

You then advertise that one as your main offer and begin testing other elements of the ad such as image changes, video, changing cop, testing bot ads etc.

It’s a simple quick and dirty way to get real market feedback and speed up your marketing learning curve.

Create Click-Worthy Headlines

Quick Tip: If you want to learn how to write attention getting headlines study the media especially the tabloids. They live or die by their ability to attract attention.

You don’t need to agree with their content but you should study their methods. Here’s just one brilliant one I found in an online newspaper.

“Loyal to a big bank? You’re throwing away $134,358

If you switch from a big bank to the cheapest rates on the market, you could be driving a new-release Tesla – for free.”

Imagine how much marketing leverage you could get by taking the Free Tesla theme 🙂 This is a ready made promotion for a smart mortgage broker.

Social Media Promotions You Can Run For FREE

If you want a few hacks, here are some angles you can use to craft a story of interest to the media.

Create a controversy.

Give an award.

Offer surprising facts about your product.

Show an unexpected clientele using your product.

Piggyback on the news.

Do a survey.

Compile a set of useful tips.

Donate your product or a gift certificate to a good cause.

Offer a freebie.

Invent a new use for your product.

Tie your product to economic trends.

Do something anachronistic.

Sponsor a charity event.

Celebrate an anniversary.

Get offbeat endorsements.

Feature employees with stories.

Run an event for kids.

How Social Influencers & Gurus Waste Your Attention

Ive noticed something very interesting about Social influencers and the guru’s that you see flooding your newsfeed.

The “in” crowd will flood your newsfeed with promotional advertising material making bold claims, telling you EVERYTHING you want to hear to give them an email. You might take the bait and give them an email but thats the funny thing once they get the email they lose focus.

Now they have your email they should be giving you value or actionable tips you can use to get somewhere faster. The often and sadly most common influencer/guru action after they capture your email is to swamp you with an overpriced often outdated course.

The course contains these power words:

  • Secrets
  • Dominate
  • Riches
  • Crusher

Just as a start. Now the funny part is that Ill share more value and actionable tips than any of these influencers paid courses for free on my blog here. I only ask for your email and for you to like and share my content.

The second funny part of this will be that my blogs wont get the primetime audiences that I want to show them to. Why? because it involves doing the work and staying the course. People want quick and easy tips, not actionable full setup guides.

Hear me out, if I give you a free template to use to speed up market research you wont use more than once. Now if I charged you $39 for that template and hyped it up you would purchase it and have more appreciation and value of the template. Because you paid for it. Crazy mind hack that actually works.

The benefit of the free template or blog guide is that I can build a sweet audience cookie pool when driving traffic from social media platforms. My retargeting list is building in size daily 🙂 thanks everyone.

But back to the point is people dont want to learn anything that might challenge them. I do but I’m an exception. I want to learn more about VScode and im teaching myself how to use that for my own benefit.

Most people dont want a hard task assigned to them. They dont want the basics and connecting skills to move them into an advanced skillset. They want the summary of the skillset.

I went on a bit of a learning and development binge in March and Im facinated by Stripe and their CEO Patricks Collision. I find the mindset and approach to growing the brand and then the business remarkable. Now his journey in building Stripe into the juggernaught that it is today is awe inspiring but he hauled ass, like worked extremnely hard to put in the work.

Similarily Zoom is a monster of a call conferencing software that has exploded into a billion dollar business. I find a lot of motivation listening and watching these SaaS people building something from nothing. Eric Yaun has a very strategic very clever customer and lead acquisition strategy.

But what makes me scratch my head is how low engagement level these videos have of these mega successful people have. They lieterally give you the overview of building your empire and no body is paying attention. I hope you can see what Im highlighting here.

These social influencers and million doller gurus wear a flash suit, use a rented lambo in the video background, wear some bling and throw some money into the camera and the internet loses its damn mind.


Its like these social influencers and guru’s are waving an attention zapping wand and overshadow the real intelligence being dropped by these SaaS billionaires. All that value packed advice gathers cobwebs while Johnny FB Ads Unicorn Guru gets 400k video views and thousands of email opt ins.



I test a lot of images, videos and colour schemes to find what disrupts the newsfeed scroll and its these garbage guru style images and video thumbnails. Sad but true #metallica that these types of images grab the eye and infect our trigger fingers to click and see what it is about. If there are any SaaS marketing teams out there that want to chat about the strategies I see working and what could work for them Im all ears.

I dont find the information social influencers share very useful (in most cases). Also we all remember the Jay Shetty incident of 2019 where he was caught out reusing a lot of semi famous influencers quotes and claiming them as his own.

 One tip I would give SaaS marketing teams is to look to these guru’s and social influencers. Review and analyse the strategy and reverse engineer the imagery and video thumbnails. You have the information that can move mountains. The problem is its not being presented in a way that people consume.

Refrain from the uber professional studio setup and mix it up with some iPhone style handheld shot video clips so you have different video styles to make the content more relatable.

You could even hire these social media infleuncers to work with your brand and take on a creative approach with your existing marketing team. 

Social media the old way doesnt work. You need to review your strategy every couple months to stay relevant and to realign with your market audience. The internet moves very fast but these social media platforms move way faster. Dont get left behind.



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