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📛I'm Shenzu + I started Click Bucks to help people.

Ive been retired and it sucked! Learning how to change businesses by implementing an online strategy for better business and sales is my 🔥and teaching. Ive learned a LOT! and its useless sitting in my head, so I want to help others get ahead using online marketing.


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About Me

Hello, I’m Shenzu. I’ve Been Building Businesses Since 2008!

My very first business I was 13 and charging $7 for a full car wash or $4 for window wash at the local cinema carpark. Since that first business Ive had a passion for starting and fixing businesses. Now Im more focused at the online business model. Ive sold a few businesses after either starting them or buying them and fixing them to get them profitable and ready to flip.

I  help people create new online businesses, fix existing business, JV in new opportunities and teach people how to do what I do and make money online. Now in all transparency I’m not the laptop lifestyle by the pool driving a lambo thats complete crap 💩I have a full time job at a national marketing agency and I’m really good at it. I retired in 2016 but my brain isnt wired to switch off and fade into late breakfest and suntanning on beaches. Im focused and driven, I love challenges and helping people learn new things. This blog is my creative outlet to share what I learn working on some of the largest brands and craziest campaigns. I hope you find my knowledge useful. If you do connect with me.

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Social Media

My Vision For ClickBucks

My old man owned a business that was hit hard by Google like wiped off the face of the web. This unfair and unexplained site slap crippled that business. I want to help business owners and affiliates take advantage of online marketing. I also want to help teach people a skillset that not many people can deliver on consitently, the gift of online marketing. I want to teach people what Ive learned and help them get a start or get further ahead with making money online. The opportunity that this lifestyle provides is amazing, and if you follow a process you can be successful.

I believe everyone can do this

I want you to learn

I want to teach

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