The Marketers Toolkit

Every style of online marketer has a set of go to tools that make them more effective at data research, analysis and competitor research overall they make your business intelligence higher than your competition.

The Only Tools You’ll Ever Need

Ive spent a lot of money testing tools, breaking tools and looking for the best most time effective and performance positive tools to bring you this list.

Email Marketing

Building a list can make you money on demand. Managing that list you need an email autoresponder platform to get it right regardless of list size.

Website Hosting

Bluehost has super fast hosting and I highly recommend them. You can get hosting for just $2.95 a month! Retails $7.99. Perfect for starting a website!

Click Funnels

Using email optins and Lead generation funnel types like ebooks, webinars and more you can drive leads into sales fast.


Project Management

Asana is a super powerful project and task management platform for teams. Freelancer or agency this will help you stay on top of projects.

Shopify Platform

Shopify makes running your own ecommerce store a breeze. Seamless integration with third party platforms. Want high converting stores? use Shopify

Money Management

It is critical that you manage your online money securely and with ease of access in mind. I highly recommend Freshbooks.

View Live Sales Data

Shopify has put together a live sales map of black friday sales in real time. Nothing to sell just watch the purchases happen.

Improve Productivity & Automate Tasks with Tools. 

Most tasks that you will do in your online marketing journey will have repeatitive tasks around research, analysis and implementation. This can be a real momentum killer when doing it manually, so the clever marketers that we are relaised that automating elements within each task would speed up each step of the research and analysis. Here you will find the best tools for every scenario.

Ive included some platforms that are more ecommerce based, full marketing suites and educational trainings in the shape of courses and books. Enjoy.

Collect Actionable Data

What I told you that using platform analytics could help impact your business and what if I told you that you could use the data to grow your business? You damn well can my friends, the power is in the numbers.

Control Your Time By Automating Tasks With Tools

This right here has changed my life. If you could learn to remove mundane every day grunt work and just focus on the big picture things would you get more done? yes you would.

"I didnt want to wing it and take unmeasured guesses so I tooks the advice here to organise my affiliate business and now I know where my money comes from and what I do with it. Thanks man saved my from shiny object syndrome."

– Bobby Fisher

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