Learn how to build an ecommerce website

This will be helpful for people who want to sell a product online and not a service. The products can be physical products or digital like an ebook or training course.

Ecommerce websites can be hard work because there is more pages and usually some difficult integrations required with emailing platforms and payment gateways.

I am a big fan of making money with ecommerce, it really is an easy way to make money online. People want to spend their money and as long as you can provide them with a solution to a problem you will have customers who buy from you.

Some people shop just to shop they have no purpose and no focus while shopping online. Ill say this I think my mother is one of these shoppers 🤭. She will buy useless crap all day long and not have any reason why she purchased it, I think these types of shoppers are not people who you want to target as in my experience you get a lot of chargebacks from them.

Where to start when building an ecommerce store?

First you need to know what you will be selling. This helps you know how many products you will need to have room for and what type of marketing you will be doing for these products.

The Website or Webstore

I have 2 preferences for people starting ecommerce stores.

  1. Shopify platform
  2. WooCommerce on WordPress

If you are an existing store and moving a LOT of products monthly you could consider Magento as your CMS platform but I would highly recommend you only consider this on two train of thoughts:

  1. You have over 200,000 SKU’s
  2. You do above $200K monthly in sales gross

Magento is more enterprise and large business friendly. Plus as a beginner the coding work required for Magento platforms is insane. You will blow out your budget just getting dev work completed for your store. So I recommend either Shopify or WordPress running WooCommerce on it.


Ill be back to update this real soon.